Water bottle wholesaler painting black water jug dispenser

Water bottle wholesaler painting black water jug dispenser

Item: VKW-016
Spec: 1.9L
Material: Stainless steel
Body: Painting
Handle: Painting
Interior: Satin polish
Lead time: 50 days
MOQ: 1000pcs
Port: Jiangmen/Shenzhen
Payment: TT/LC

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Our water bottle wholesaler made this water jug in stainless steel,painting black exterior which accept customized colors,satin polish inside and bulk handle.Venus kitchenware is specialized in OEM/ODM water bottle project which are including water pitcher,water jug and water dispenser in home, we designed these products with trending fashion and produce it with various high tech craft ,so it must be the new generation water bottle in coming years.we have the ability to change the drawing designs and have rich experience engineers to follow the project until the new products turn to be reality from your mind.

Product Details


Customized sizes and colors

As a water bottle wholesaler,we produce many different water bottles to meet different markets requirement,and we are pleased to accept customized sizes and colors from our clients.

Design with heart

We design our water pitcher with spout and with lid,strong wood or metal handle which is comfortable for hand grabbing, we are pleased to change designs from your fantastic ideas.

Wooden,plastic or metal handle

We has designed many different handles for clients choices which are water pitcher with wooden,plastic and metal handles,all handles can be specified colors.

Painting,mirror or satin polish surface

The craft of water bottle metal surface is various,we water bottle wholesaler can handle it with painting,mirror or satin polish which depends on different styles and different market consumers` favorites.

Workshop show

High quality will be sure

Care each step in processing


Plastic water bottle:
1.Leak toxin when pouring in boiling water and harmful to human body.
2.Old and cheap looking style.
3.No diversify and dull.

Glass water bottle:
1.Danger to kids and family when it burst or fall down.
2.Old and cheap looking style.
3.No diversify and dull.

Stainless steel water bottle:
1.Safe for kids and family,it never burst no matter cool or hot water.
2.Easy clean and durable to use.
3.High class and fashion art in home

If you have any ideas about this water bottle-water jug dispenser,please fill in the following form.As a water bottle wholesaler,we will answer you any questions within 24 hours.

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