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How to start a compost bin for kitchen?

According to the World Health Organization data statistics, a kitchen compost bin can effectively reduce home kitchen waste up to 60%, so now more and more goverments encourage families use compost bin for kitchen instead of trash bin.

As a new home composter,how to start a compost bin for kitchen?
First we need to know how compost bin works.Compost is a way to treat garden plants abandoned or kitchen waste, allowing microorganisms to decompose organic matter into fertilizers that can be stored, processed and applied to the environment in the aerobic environment.That means microorganisms must be in a certain moisture and ventilation environment to fermentation, composting can be successfully.

So we need to classify our kitchen waste first,not all wastes can be put into the compost bin as raw materials.we don`t suggest to put animals bone and meat in it. Then 6 steps are following:

kitchen compost bin

1.Put some papers on the bottom around of your kitchen compost bin.
2.Throw your kitchen wastes in just like vegetable scraps,orange skins,egg shells etc.
3.Add a little salt on top and a little water if materials are too dry.
4.Cover the lid and let them decompose organic inside.
5.Stir it up and down every other week.
6.Change the charcoal filters inside the lid if you smell a little weird smell.
Then wait 8-12 weeks,compost finish.

How can I make my compost more nutritious?
We need two elements in your kitchen compost bin;Carbon and Nitrogen.
Containing carbon organic materials:paper,dry leaves,peanut shells,melon seed shells,sawdust etc.
Containing nitrogen organic materials:vegetable scraps,fruit skin,coffee residue,malt etc.
Mix carbon and nitrogen materials fully in compost bin,then you can get compost with high nutritious.

How can I speed up the compost process?
Some new composter want to speed up the process,so they stir it every day, but that will slow down the decompose organic.So we suggest you can stir the kitchen compost bin every other week which can speed up the compost process.

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