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What can be found in a compost bin?

A home composter is not a trash bin, It’s not all trash can be put in.So what can be found in a compost bin? Many customers ask this question when they got a new home composter.

Generally speaking,there must be two elements which are including carbon and nitrogen in the home composter,under the action of air and moisture and natural fermentation after a period, the substances in the home composter can be turned into organic soil. So that’s why we need to classify the kitchen scraps first,some videos shown to consumers that they can put in discarded plastic just like a mobile phone case, it’s ridiculous, plastic can’t be degraded naturally even more 100 years and it is useless as composting raw materials.they only sell the product but don’t know how to compost really.Only put in the right raw materials,your home composter can compost some nutritious fertilizers by yourself.Therefore, our previous article-how to start a compost bin has shared some knowledge about what can be found in a compost bin countertop,as followings;

1.Containing nitrogen organic materials:vegetable scraps,fruit skin,coffee residue,malt etc.
2.Containing carbon organic materials:paper,dry leaves,peanut shells,melon seed shells,sawdust etc.
These are the most frequent and common materials in kitchen,so just put a compost bin countertop aside when you start cooking,you will get a lot of kitchen scraps easily as raw materials for composting.

what can be found in a compost bin

Why don’t we suggest putting animal bones and meat in your home composter?
If you put meat in compost bin countertop,it will rot after a period of natural fermentation, and the smell will be very fishy,this smell is attractive to flies especially,so you can imagine how annoying it would be to have a swarm of flies flying around your compost bin all day long.
The main ingredient of animal bone is calcium carbonate and it can’t be degraded naturally too, that`s whay we can dig the near-complete skeleton of dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago,so we don’t recommend putting it in your compost bin countertop.

How long does it need to finish composting after filling with materials?
The needed time depends your capacity is a small compost bin or a big one.Normally it need 8 to 10 weeks to finish one composting If you are a small compost bin,but it will take more longer if your home composter is large.For most urban families,a small compost bin is enough,you can get some organic fertilizers after few days which are more nutritious than chemical fertilizers and it’s all free of charge.So you can ignore the soaring price of fertilizer completely caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war,at the same time you can save a lot of expenses every year.

A small compost bin countertop can reduce your family trash up to 60%-80%,take actions substantially for your surrounding environment and improving air quality.Step by step,you will fall in love with your compost bin countertop and enjoy the process of composting as if you enjoy making a cup of coffee that you love.

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