Pan manufacturer cookware sets for induction cooktop 12pcs

Pan manufacturer cookware sets for induction cooktop 12pcs

Item: VKC-118
12Pcs cookware stock pot sets are including:
16X10.5CM casserole with lid
18X11.5CM casserole with lid
20X12.5CM casserole with lid
24X13.5CM casserole with lid
24X7.5CM casserole with lid
24X7.5CM frypan with lid-with coating
Body: Stainless steel
Lid: Glass lid
Handle & Knob: Metal
Exterior: Painting
Interior: Satin polish

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We pan manufacturer produce this 12pcs non stick pan and pot set with painting exterior and 9layers capsuled bottom,metal golden handle and knobs on blue glass.Venus kitchenware is specialized in OEM/ODM stainless steel cookware,cookware sets and non stick cookware,all our cookware made in high quality standard,they are capsule bottom and induction cookware designed which are including stainless steel pot,saucepan and frying pan.

Product Details

Customized thickness

As a pan manufacturer,we produce stainless steel cookware according to clients instruction and offer different thicknesses to choose,normally our body thickness is from 0.5MM to 1MM and glass lid 4MM,you can specify the spec in the order.

Non stick cookware set

We adopted the best coating materials for our non stick cookware set which can pass all necessary lab tests and will not harm human health within normal using and soft cleaning.

Cookware with wooden handles,plastic,metal and silicone handle

We has designed many different handles for clients choices which are cookware with wooden handles,plastic,metal and silicone handles,all designs are for heat resistance and protect chef hands better.

Customized capsule bottom

We pan manufacturer can produce the capsule bottom according to different markets favorites,normally the bottom construction is SS+AL+SS or SS+IR+AL+IR+SS,and the utmost we can produce 9 steps capsule bottom.

Painting,mirror or satin polish outside

The craft of stainless steel cookware surface is various,we can handle it with painting,mirror or satin polish which depends on different styles and different market consumers` favorites.

High quality will be sure

Care each step in processing


Body thickness testing

Cookware for induction testing

Leakage testing

Handle strength testing


Ceramic cookware:
1.Too weight to easy use for some chefs.
2.Need to use more energy to cook.
3.Need more oil when you frying.

Iron cookware:
1.A little too weight for using.
2.Will rust from bottom and crack inside.
3.Maybe absorb excessive heavy metals if use for long time

Stainless steel cookware:
1.Suitable weight for anyone cook.
2.Even heat spread and save more energy.
3.Easy clean and healthy cooking for family.



What are the best cookware sets to buy?

Depends on what purpose you need to use with cookware set,cook in home or outside camping,for a new home or change some new tools,we think fit is best.As a pan manufacturer,we have assembled many different cookware sets for different customers choice,no matter what they need for,all we can manufacture it according to orders.

If you have any ideas about this stainless steel cookware-cookware sets for induction cooktop,please fill in the following form.As a pan manufacturer,we will answer you any questions within 24 hours.

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