Silicone utensils manufacturer kitchen utensil set 8pcs

Silicone utensils manufacturer kitchen utensil set 8pcs

Item: VKU-127
Materials: Silicone/Stainless steel
Color: Customized
8Pcs are including:
1pc brush
1pc ladle
1pc slotted turner
1pc turner
1pc slotted spoon
1pc spoon
1pc spatular turner
1pc skimmer

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As silicone utensils manufacturer make this 8pcs kitchen utensil set,we designed it with stainless steel long handle which is big round bottom and slim body.Venus kitchenware adopted food grade materials to produce it with holes for hanging it easily. we specialize in OEM/ODM products, design trend and fashion to lead consumers` favorites.
These kitchen utensil set can be solid color or customized any colors you wanted,the hand feeling of silicone is soft, heat-resistance up to 600℉ and down to -40℉,so cook with our silicone kitchen utensils set is safe and healthy for your family.






Product Details

Soft Hand Feeling and Safety.

We adopted food grade silicone material to produce our products and we trust that as a kitchenware manufacturer in China,we have the responsibility to protect consumers` cooking safe and health from all over the world,so all our products can pass any tests before our send delivery to any clients.

kitchen utensil with holes

As a kitchenware manufacturer,we collected opinions from customers and designed a little bigger hole to hang them easily.

Silicone and stainless steel kitchen utensils

We designed this set is silicone and stainless steel kitchen utensils for high-level clients,as a kitchenware manufacturer in China,we accept customized colors to meet different consumers` favorites.

kitchen utensils manufacturer

Our silicone utensil set can help you easy life.

Easy cook with our kitchen utensil set

kitchen utensiles manufacturer


Endure heating up to 600℉ safety

Hard enough to lift up a barrel

Safe in boiling water


kitchen utensiles manufacturer
kitchen utensiles manufacturer
kitchen utensiles manufacturer

Wood materials will mildew after used for some days and produces aflatoxin which can harm your healthy directly,you can`t clean the virus inside.

Metal material will harm the non-stick layer of cookware,you`ll eat this noo-stick material with food then make human body cancerlization.

Cheap plastic material can`t heat-resistance and deform easily,will leach bisphenol A in high heat which will harm human body deeply.

Silicone is soft and heat-resistance,won`t produce aflatoxin or bisphenol or harm the non-stick in cooking,make your family healthy.


Do silicone utensils melt?

Silicone is heat-resistance up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit,as a kitchen utensils manufacturer,we have passed all tests and you dont worry about that,our silicone utensils cant melt even you put them in fire or boiled it for a while,so it is safe for cooking.

If you have any ideas about this kitchen utensil set 8pcs-stainless steel kitchen utensils,please fill in the following form.As a silicone utensils manufacturer,we will answer you any questions within 24 hours.

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