Stainless steel kettle manufacturer tea kettle for camping

Stainless steel kettle manufacturer tea kettle for camping

Item: VKK-037
Materials: Stainless steel/wood
Exterior: Painting
Interior: Satin polish
Size: 2L/2.5L/3L
lid: Stainless steel
Handle & Knob: wood
Spout: Stainless steel with zinc

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As stainless steel kettle manufacturer made this tea kettle with width wood handle and knob which can customize wood types as well as the painting colors.Venus kitchenware specialize in OEM/OMD products,designed various kettles for gas stove,induction hob,stainless steel kettle for wood stove and camping,we have copper kettle and supply the best kettle styles for different markets,produce the smallest kettle and bigger size according to client drawings.

Product Details

Kettle for wood stove,gas stove and induction stove

Our kettles are suitable for wood,gas and induction stove,as a stainless steel kettle manufacturer in China,we designed it for using in a wide range,the stainless steel kettle can be used both in home or outside whistling kettle camping,take it everywhere.

kettle with wooden handle or plastic handle

We have designed many different handles to match different styles kettle,pure wooden handle or pure plastic handle or mix materials handle are all perfect for different customer preference.

Coating,mirror or satin polish outside

The craft of stainless steel kettle`s surface is various,we stainless steel kettle manufacturer can handle it with coating,mirror,satin polish or new painting which depends on different styles and different market consumers` favorites.

High quality will be sure

Care each step in processing


Keep whistling when water boiled

Handle fasten checking

Leakage checking


Ceramic kettle–Heat transfer is slowly,need to waste more energy and wait for long time to boil water,can be a tea pot.

Iron kettle–Heat transfer is better than ceramic,but it rust easily after using some days and will release toxins and harm human body.

Aluminium kettle–Heat transfer is fastest but in high temperature,aluminium and water will react and release toxins during the boiling water.

Copper kettle–Heat transfer is fast and looks high class,suitable for boiling water but copper cost is high,so the price of copper kettle is higher comparing with others.

Stainless steel kettle–Heat transfer is quickly and suitable for boiling water,clean and keep easily,the cost is not high,so it can be sued in more families.


Is tea kettle for glass top stove?

Yes,our tea kettle for glass top stove is ok,as a stainless steel kettle manufacturer we designed our stainless steel kettle big whistling when the water boiled which means the tea kettle highest temperature is 100 centigrade,so the tea kettle will not destory the glass so long as it is tempered glass.

If you have any ideas about this whistling kettle-tea kettle for camping,please fill in the following form.As a stainless steel kettle manufacturer,we will answer you any questions within 24 hours.

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